Sunnyside Neighborhood Portland

Notice of Special SNA Meeting Re: Peacock Lane


The residents of Peacock Lane appreciate the Sunnyside Neighborhood Association’s dedication to sustainability and better communities.

We recognize that our tradition of holiday lights has a massive footprint and impact on all of our neighbors.  A few years ago, with the support of SNA, we tried a Car-Free night and it was a huge success.  Some board members at SNA encouraged us to add more Car-Free nights and that is something we are anxious to do.

We have proposed two Car-Free evenings this year, December 15th and 16th.  In order to close the street, we must apply for a “community event” through the city, which then requires us to have special insurance to cover the event.   The insurance company representing SEUL would like Peacock Lane to have the support and partnership of our greater neighborhood association.

The special meeting will occur at 6 p.m. Wednesday, November 23 in the lobby of the Theater Theatre building at the corner of 35th and Belmont.