April Land Use & Transportation Committee Meeting

Calling all Sunnyside homeowners, renters, business owners – come get involved in the design of new buildings along Hawthorne and Belmont by participating in this Monday’s meeting at 7:30pm in the Southeast Uplift Building (3534 SE Main St).

Advocacy at the neighborhood level and directly at City meetings can be focused on design standards that push for building façade surfaces with depth and other architectural features to avoid “box-like” buildings occupying almost an entire site.

At this Monday’s meeting, a City rep will be discussing a design overlay opportunity along Hawthorne and Belmont. Hope to see you there!

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3 Responses to April Land Use & Transportation Committee Meeting

  1. rozroseman says:

    Will the building proposed for 3400 block of Hawthorne be included in
    the discussion?

  2. Ardis Ardis says:

    Please put the actual DATE in your newsletters, instead of just “this Monday”. Thank you.

  3. Kit Siegel says:

    I was unable to attend the land use planning meeting at SE Uplift on April 13th. I live directly behind the house to be torn down, and a 4 story condo put in. Who can I talk to re parking for these people? There is hardly any parking on Madison as it is, and I can’t imagine not supplying parking for these new residents. Just because they will be on a bus line and can use their bikes, does not mean they won’t have cars.

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