Agenda for August 13 meeting!

Here is the August, 13 2015 Agenda!

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5 Responses to Agenda for August 13 meeting!

  1. says:

    Thanks so much for getting an agenda out well before the meeting. It is hard to do, and please know that it is appreciated.

    What does GNA stand for?

  2. Teresa Loveland says:

    What is the parking policy reform about?

  3. arrjaypdx says:

    GNA -> Good Neighbor Agreement. I too am curious about the Parking Policy Reform. Will an update be posted here or on

  4. arrjaypdx says:

    P.S. FYI in retrospect from draft minutes of July 9, 2015:
    Parking Policy Reform Update-Tony-Parking study is looking at parking management in residential and commercial areas. So far, this has been a mostly educational effort. Next meeting is at the end of the month, there may be a permit proposal. Tony is also involved in Central City Parking Committees, looking at studies of downtown parking utilizations. Sub-Committee is looking at a Short Term parking meter increase.

  5. Tony says:


    The Parking policy update is a courtesy update I’ve been giving to the SNA as a report from a few committees I am on.

    Here’s some more information on the topic:

    I’m thinking of scheduling some “office hours” of sorts for folks who might want to discuss this or other issues.

    Also, don’t forget there is the board (at) email address for questions if no one seems to be watching these ones.

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