Sunnyside Neighborhood Portland

SNA EP NET Committee Agenda – Jan 19 2016


Tue, Jan 19, 2015
10 – 12pm (We start — and finish ! — on time.)
Jeff Morris Fire Museum
900 SE 35th Ave (corner of Belmont)

10:00 – 10:05 : Brief attendee introductions – name and organizational affiliation, if any.

10:05 – 10:07 : (Glenn) A very brief explanation of the closer collaboration we’re developing for Sunnyside NET and the Sunnyside Neighborhood Association Emergency Preparedness Committee.

10:07 – 10:10 : (Jan) credit for Committee participants

10:10 – 10:15 : (Jan / Glenn) Southeast Uplift (SEUL) Neighborhood Small Grants submission summary

10:15 – 11:45 : (Jan + group discussion) ‘Map Your Neighborhood’ (MYN) orientation to learn how to meet your neighbors and help them prepare for emergencies. Jan will lead us through interactive activities including:

This is a critical process for preparing your micro-neighborhood for emergencies, so we’ll have handouts to help you kickstart your own MYN project. If you have already begun, please come share your experience and advice!

11:45 – 12:00 : (Stephanie) Exciting stuff is in store for NETs, including a reward-oriented way to motivate all of use to build our skills with advanced training.