Sunnyside Swap & Spring Clean Up is This Weekend

Last year was the first year the swap and clean up was combined in the same place after many years of being held on the same weekend but different locations.  It was a great success, and we are grateful to the generosity of Saint Stephens Catholic Church for the use of their gym and parking lot at the corner of 42nd Avenue and SE Taylor once again for a one stop place for almost anything and everything you want out of your house.

This year’s swap schedule is as follows:

Friday, April 20th – Drop off of useful goods 6-9pm

Saturday, April 21st – Clean Up 9-noon and Swap 9-4

Sunday, April 22nd – Rummage Sale 10-1

SUNNYSIDE SWAP:  Drop off of swappable useful goods through the main doors of the gym.  $2 donation per family to enter the swap on Saturday.  If you drop off your useful goods on Friday you will receive free entry to the swap on Saturday.

What to bring to the Swap: Any item that has some useful good left in it is welcome at the exchange. No stained or torn clothing or hazardous chemicals.

Swap Tips:  All swapping is done on the honor system.   Give as much or more than you take in a way that feels fair to you.

CLEAN UP of bulky waste and recyclable items takes place in the Saint Stephens parking lot right at the corner of 42nd and Taylor.  $6 a car, $10 SUV/wagon, $14 pickup/truck/van.  If you are walking or biking in with less than a car load, make a smaller donation that feels fair to you.  Everyone donating to the clean up gets free entry to the swap.

What to bring to the Clean Up:  Old home and lawn furniture beyond repair, broken up concrete (with or without rebar), wood, metal, cardboard, sheet rock, hard plastics (such as old/damaged toys beyond safe use), sod/dirt and yard debris (including stumps).


For more information, or to volunteer, please contact Karen Hery at or (503) 407-2667.

SNA Meeting Minutes for January


Board members in attendance: Gina Binole, Bill Stites, , Tony Jordan, Josh Palmer, Heather Wilson, Paul Loney, Tim Brooks, Karen Hery, Reuben Deumling

Neighbors and Guests: Kate & Alex Wood, Tim Platt, Sarah Platt, Val Strickland, Jeff Cole, Gregg Everhart,


Reuben calls meeting to order 7:03

  1. Intro
  2. Approve Agenda, Circulate minutes
  3. As the SNA BABA rep, Karen Hery started to think where we would be able to make the most of neighborhood and business association collaborations

She notes that  business associations overlap with several neighborhood associations, and people often don’t know who they can turn to express complaints, share project ideas, discuss parking issues, inform folks of business mixers, meetings, etc.

Karen says she is happy to help share our success stories and spread the word of what we do, where people can go, who they can contact, etc. She also intends to submit a newsletter article on the subject.

  1. Jeff Cole & Greg Everhart announced they have formed a 3-person street tree team for the purposes of obtaining a grant to conduct a Sunnyside Neighborhood street tree survey.  If selected, they are looking to train people and will have a training program in March.

This survey will, in part, build on a previous street tree survey conducted around the perimeter of Sunnyside Environmental School in 2006. About 900 trees were inventoried. They will revisit them see what’s grown, what’s died, etc.


They mentioned they are working with Vinnie Miller from SES, and Gina mentioned the PTSA voted last night to support pursuit of the grant. But because the survey will take place in the summer, it is difficult to assess volunteer enthusiasm. But Vinnie can surely help with that.


Only trees will be surveyed, not horse rings, names on sidewalks, etc. The results will help determine where we need more street trees, which trees are in poor condition, where we are in danger of losing our canopies, etc. It also gives us data and documentation to pursue future grants.


  1. Passing the Torch of the Sunnyside Piazza Painting (33rd & Yamhill). Suzanne Tom is absent, but Reuben says there is no heir apparent. Gina suggested that we enlist neighbors to help donate toward paint and supplies. There will be a newsletter article about this.




  1. Movie Matinee Fundraiser with RNA Tim – Last year SNA had a joint venture with RNA. Tim gave background on Bagdad beginnings. You can do an event with the Bagdad once a year on their dime. Last year we had a movie at the theater. This year we will choose the movie and the date and time. Allen (of Richmond) feels it’s a better movie that kids can go to, also could set the price for movie. Also could take half price. Are we bound to Roan Inish? Last time we found out a mere 5 days before, couldn’t advertise and didn’t necessarily like the choice. Tim says that’s unreliable.

SNA pays licensing fee, but Bagdad pays everything else.

Heather says that movies that are more recent that drive what you would choose and not considered a classic.

Reuben: Also have some questions about promotion, and we need them before  the next board meeting. This year we pay licensing fee and we choose the movie.

Gina will help with social media to promote. Tim will submit a newsletter article


  1. Committee Reports.

Sustainability Committee. Reuben says the committee had a vibrant couple of years, and now we are in sort of a lull. Plugged Transition Sunnyside, which also seeks to lessen our dependence on fossil fuel.

LUTC – Definitely good discussions  Right now the big issue is bars on Belmont between 33rd and 34th, 32nd, if you include the Pied Cow.

Tony is working on a letter to invite licensees to a meeting on the 13th

Tony has letter drafted and needs to distribute them to the biz. Bill will help. After that, Tony says he will get a flyer going to the adjacent neighbors. There have been meetings between city, neighbors, OLCC. Circa 33, Aalto.

  1. Crime Prevention – SEUL has a grant partnering with office of neighborhood involvement for graffiti and abatement removal. Last year they only had 10 applicants. Heather thought a mural on the side of the Stumptown Building would be a good candidate.

Karen mentioned the liquor store at the 39th Mart. The way it’s structured there is a little shed on the side of it, it’s the behind-the-store place to drink. If the cement gets removed, or if a planter box gets placed, the graffiti would go down. Was going to approach the store or neighbors.

  1. SEUL – The neighborhood small grants have been awarded. Out of 47 legitimate applicants, there were 16 projects recommended to the board for approval. Our neighborhood co-sponsored 3, the kitchen tool library, disaster dinner and the Sunnyside Park Equipment Sharing Program. That last one won.

Jeff Milkes from PP&R talked to SEUL about  funding for movies in the parks and summer lunch programs.  Many children get fed free lunch during the school year but not in the summer. Rather than figuring out which kids qualify, they serve to everyone.


We are not sure our park would qualify bc no handwashing stations.

Wickman building is up for possible community use.


Treasurers Report – Josh: Ascento is not in newsletter. Belmont Yoga will replace them.

Balance of the account is $10,500


  1. Announcements – Karen – Disaster dinner is coming up second weekend of March. If there is anyone here who is passionate, hoping it’s an annual event. Every year we get better and better at throwing a disaster. The idea is if there is a disaster, it takes a while for state and feds to survive. Can our neighborhood serve 1000 meals a year for a week.

She’s looking for people to take shifts during the event itself. Also if there’s anyone who wants to help with the planning of it.

Winter Carnival Feb. 18 at the Sunnyside Methodist church. Carnival is totally donated. $$ is able to go to the building, not the event itself.


Next month we will be viewing the submissions for the sign.


Aalto Lounge owners wanted to say they are looking forward to working responsibly with the community. They encourage neighbors to come talk to them directly.



Brief announcement from Lois Levine spearheading effort to prevent the Walgreens’ Drive Thru.

She says our only course of action is to voice safety concerns. The things that cause concern at Sunnnyside, should cause concern anywhere. Now connecting signatures nationally on this issue.


  1. Approve minutes – Heather motions to approve minutes, Bill seconds, motion carries, Reuben abstains.


Meeting adjourned 8:11


Board members in Attendance: Gina Binole, Bill Stites, , Tony Jordan, Josh Palmer, Heather Wilson, Paul Loney, Tim Brooks, Karen Hery, Reuben Deumling

Guests & Neighbors in Attendance: Lorraine Henriques, Greg Everhart, Jeff Cole


Reuben: Calls meeting to order at 8:08


1)      Minutes approved for December

2)      Jeff Cole gives Friends of Trees Update. At a previous meeting, he asked for, and the SNA approved $300 for six scholarship trees. He is now asking for flexibility that that money be allowed to pay for curb and concrete cuts. FOT has money for scholarship trees, but Sunnyside now has a greater need for curb cuts, mulch, etc., and he respectfully ask the money the SNA already has allocated pay for that. Each curb cut costs $50.


Cole says he intends to apply for a grant from SEUL next year to offset curb cut costs.


Paul Loney votes to move that we allocate $$ from scholarship trees to curb cuts, mulch, etc.  Karen  Hery seconds. Motion carries unanimously.


Street Tree Survey discussion– Jeff and Greg Everhart say they are looking for formal support from the board to apply for a grant to survey street trees in the entire Sunnyside Neighborhood. Tim Brooks has agreed to be the official liaison to the street tree survey team from the board. Paul motions that Tim serve in this role and the SNA submit a letter of support to be included in the grant application. Tim seconds. Motion carries.


  1. Tony discusses the Group GNA Progress for Belmont businesses.


Tony notes that the letter submitted to applicable businesses tells them we are going to do this and invites them to participate in a meeting on Jan. 13. A Group GNA already exists on Hawthorne, and Tony says they will be shown that. He also will take best practices from that for the Belmont Group GNA.


The major complaints from neighbors re: Belmont businesses have been noise, particularly back patio, but the GNA also will ensure seating doesn’t spill out into the walkway. Some bars stress they make most of their money between 1 a.m. and 2 a.m. and the GNA will address that in some fashion.


At Tony’s request, Paul says he will look and see how many agreements are in place and make copies of those we have on file.



4. Tony discusses Peacock Lane traffic:

Several board members talked about their experience and how the carfree nights were very crowded , with cars backed up to 48th and the bus taking an extremely long time to move up Belmont.


Board members say they favor more car-free nights, or one-way options, or something to mitigate the traffic.


Lorraine Inriques, member of the Peacock Lane Neighborhood Association notes we would dall like to have car free nights. This year, we had great weather, which increased participation tremendously.


The first two nights were the busiest ever for Peacock Lane. On the Belmont side, had about 150 cyclists come in. She agreed traffic was unbearable. We hate it. Not just on our street, but how much congestion it causes on Belmont and Stark.


She and her neighbors also are sensitive that many people could not come to Peacock Lane if all nights were pedestrian-only. They also have discussed one-way options.


What she hopes to propose at her association’s next meeting is to see the first week be pedestrian only, and possibly a shuttle vehicle situation the following week. But financially, that can’t happen for 2012.


She said she would report back to the board what comes of that meeting.



5. Buckman Pool Closure Support – Bill says the email circulated to the board prior to the meeting did not offer enough information to make a decision.


Karen Hery said she would back trying to stop the closure because there is no community center in SE, so there are few places where we have community center amenities.


Karen makes motion that we draft a letter saying it’s one of the few areas where SE residents are able to receive Parks and Recreation amenities, like a pool, and Josh Palmer seconds. Karen will write the letters  to all the city commissioners, Amanda within Parks and Cc everyone. Motion carries.


Action Item:


Tim moves that we support the Feb. 19 matinee with a movie selected by RNA/SNA and have a joint fundraiser at the Bagdad that day. Gina seconds. Tim accepts Bill’s friendly amendent to charge $3-5. Motion carries


New Biz – Disaster Dinner did not get grant funded and would the board be willing to put $500 in seed money toward expenditures toward disaster dinner planned for March. Organizers will charge $$ to those who come and eat at the disaster dinner.  Reuben notes this is an Item for the next board meeting.


Heather notes SEUL is transferring minutes to the Office of Neighborhood Involvement. We will be able to start the transfer Feb.-March.


Meeting adjourns 9:06





SNA Board & General Meeting Minutes


Board members in Attendance: Gina Binole, Bill Stites, Tim Brooks, Tony Jordan, Josh Palmer, Heather Wilson, Karen Hery

Excused absences:  Paul Loney, Reuben Deumling

Neighbors and Guests: Valerie Strickland, Jeff Cole, Katherine Anderson, Choya Adkison-Stevens, Kim Hack, Grant Morehead, Matthew Yake, David Abrahamson,

Bill Stites : Calls meeting to order and introductions at 7:03

  1. Heather motions to approve agenda, Gina seconds, Motion  carries unanimously


  1. Leaf Day Overview by Grant Morehead of PDOT – It’s a period of 6 weeks of street maintenance where city crews will pick up leaves. Historically, city has done it free, but last year it introduced a $15 charge, which did not go over so well.  The leaf boundaries for the neighborhood are West of Cesar Chavez. East of Cesar Chavez, does not apply. The pick up days are Nov. 6 and Nov. 30. Crews will be coming through with front-end loaders to take leaves to a composting facility.


If you have trees in your back yard, can bring those to the front as well and have them picked up. There is a $15 charge per day for a total of $30. Goes to whoever owns the water bill. Can opt out by Nov. 1 and take care of them yourself, go to All the info you need to opt out is there.  Should have gotten a flier in the mail.


Tony suggests next year the city think about cleaning bike paths, Taylor, Salmon, which are east of Chavez. They aren’t in the zone, but they have lots of leafy. Grant will bring that up to the city.


Heather asked about alternate side parking for leaf removal days.  But Grant says that has not been done, and there likely will not be an effort to do so in the near future.


  1. Jeff Cole of Friends of Trees, announced the next Friends of Trees event will be Saturday, Jan. 21, 2012. The program will be the same as its been in recent years. Last year FOT planted close to 50 new trees. Trees will cost $50 again this year, and it includes permit and all the paperwork.

The last day to sign up will be in early December.

Jeff wanted  to thank the SNA for including a short press release in this month’s newsletter. He said they have gotten an uptick in sign ups since the first of the month.


He noted the areas East of Cesar Chavez are challenging. They have 18-inch planting strips. City code requires at least 2.5 foot for the Friends of Trees program. FOT is working on a solution.



Jeff notes that the SNA for the past few years has sponsored scholarship trees for those who have financial need, or if it’s helpful getting a tree in a rental, or a non-profit biz. Last year, the SNA sponsored 6 trees for $300. Jeff hopes to receive the same funding this year.



  1. Choya Adkison-Stevens of the YWCA discusses Domestic Violence Awareness Month, which is October and the various Y services which can be found in detail at:



Choya’s goal for DVA is to let people know this month is DV month.  On Oct. 20, there is a vigil at Dawson Park across from Emanuel Hospital in Inner N. Portland to mourn the 27 DV victims who were killed in Oregon. There is a partnership with local restaurants for a fundraiser for YWCA domestic partnerships. Called Dine4DV on Oct. 27. They Have purple light bulbs for sale (purple is domestic violence color) There is a lot of info on their Web site.


  1. Committee Reports


Sustainability – Continued talk of Resiliency Plan and what the neighborhoods should look like.


LUTC – Tony reported that neighbors from Belmont came to discuss noise from Side Street Tavern, Hob Nob Grille. So LUTC talked to them about what they might do, reporting, etc. Continuing to try and work with Mars Hill Church Good Neighbor Agreement. Primarily parking and noise are issues. Planning to start having Sunday activities next month.


Tony wants to invite bar owners together for a LUTC meeting.


Karen wants to clarify SNAs role and how do we deal with Mars Hill Church and make neighbors feel safe, don’t want one group’s interest outshine another’s views.


Crime Prevention – Katherine reports there are new Crime Prevention folks working West of Cesar Chavez. Heather reports no meeting attendees. Heather says October is crime prevention month. Also says People are stealing strollers off of porches. Oct. 19, bike safety and training. Making sure numbers are engraved on the bike, photographing bikes. Prescription drug turn in event on Sat. Oct. 29.


Car prowls in the past 3 months have increased, unsure why.


SEUL – Heather says deadline for small grants is Nov. 1.  SEUL wonders whether they should be looking into strip club issues and creating an alcohol impact area for upper Hawthorne. The suggestion has been made for the “Barmuda triangle” area up there. You can’t easily say where problems are coming from. Katherine says upper Hawthorne is meeting later this month to discuss at 6 p.m. on the 19th. What should SEULs role be? A one-day training? Ballot measures (similar to unsuccessful initiatives posed in the 90s)


Treasurer’s Report – Josh say swe have canceled the Hotline. Wrote the check to the church building for the renovation for the kitchen.

Working on the CT12 Oregon Charities form – for the OR Dept. of Justice form to keep our non-profit status.


BABA – Karen – Everyone was really pleased with Belmtont Street Fair, increased revenue that their half was more than their full. Talk of balance between vendors and biz will continue. When this neighborhood is split by two precincts so there is talk of bringing the SE Precinct back.


— Kim Hack– Has applied for a SEUL neighborhood grant and would like to start a SE Community Kitchen Tool Library – similar wit hkitchen appliance – cider presses, dehydrators, etc. Not everyone needs to own them or can afford to own them. That’s the short-term goal, long term is a community kitchen with workshops, connections with community gardens, to preserve through winter, even the PDX fruit tree project has an interest. Volunteers come away with 20-lb bags of asian pears or more, having a place where they could check out a dehydrator.


So far she reports an enthusiastic response. Looking to partner with the SNA for a SEUL grant.


—- Tim would like to give this check $2,724.19 for half of the proceeds for the Belmont St. Fair.


—- Heather motions to approved September minutes.  Minutes approved, Will approve Aug. next month because they were not made available.


Meeting adjourned at 8:06




Board members in Attendance: Gina Binole, Bill Stites, Tim Brooks, Tony Jordan, Josh Palmer, Heather Wilson, Karen Hery


Excused absences:  Paul Loney, Reuben Deumling


Neighbors and Guests:  Jeff Cole,  Kim Hack,


Bill Stites : Calls meeting to order at 8:15


  1. Agenda approved


  1. Minutes for September and August introduced



  1. Gina SEUL discussion, future succession planning.  Gina relays information from SEUL communications meeting earlier in the month. Reports that only one other neighborhood, Laurelhurst, does a monthly newsletter with delivery. We seem to be doing a thorough job of communicating with neighbors online and offline.


Gina and others discussed at the communications meeting the need for information to live with neighborhood associations, not necessarily the people holding positions, even if they have done so for many years. Blythe, the communications director at SEUL, offered to house all of the NA data, and asked us to send info to them. This eliminates our need to set up Google docs, or transcribe/scan handwritten files, etc.


Gina agrees to submit individual questionnaires for board members to fill out that detail their position responsibilities before the next election in May, hopefully much sooner.



  1. Jeff Cole of Friends of Trees formally asks for SNA sponsorship of scholarship trees.


Jeff describes the scholarship process, generally there is an area begging for trees to be planted, or people call and say they want a tree, but cannot pay. The thinking is that trees are a worthwhile community investment.


The board asked for more information on where these scholarship trees wind up, and to document this moving forward, for promotional purposes as well as general accounting.


Last year the board contributed $283.22


Tim makes a motion to contribute up to $300 toward six trees to be planted in Sunnyside, with a special request that if the species is not specifically requested by the owner, the tree be native.  Heather seconds motion.  Motion carries.


  1. Neighborhood Small Grants –  Karen Hery presents two grants, one her own through the SwapShop, known as the Storefront Park Equipment Program, which seeks to obtain a SEUL grant to help fund the church storefront on 34th, a storage unit and a community set equipment for the park, including everything from chess sets to juggling equipment.


Karen also spoke about the SES PTSA request for the SNA to support its SEUL grant request for a Sunnyside Neighborhood Disaster Dinner, which will be a once a year event, to gather everyone together and create a meal, construct temporary shelter, obtain portable cook equipment and work with neighbors. There also is talk of an inferno disco, shelter building contest and other fun events. Karen says the church/SwapShop also will be supporting this event, aiming to facilitate an overall goal to feed 1,000 people for a week should a disaster occur.


Kim Hack discusses her vision for the SE Community Kitchen Tool Library (see 10/13 general board minutes) and it is unclear at this time whether she has a non-profit sponsor. But the board likes the idea and agrees to work with her to apply for the grant.


Tim expresses his concerns about the timing and refers to the guidelines the board established last year re: the neighborhood grants process and a need for timely board review.


Gina agrees and also points out that SEUL announced the grants, or made a public push around Sept. 27, and those interested in obtaining grants contacted board members prior to this meeting, which was the first available to them.


Bill makes a motion that the SNA board creates a letter of support to be signed by Reuben for the 3 proposals for the grant program, the SE Community Kitchen Tool Library, Neighborhood Disaster Dinner and Storefront Park Equipment Program.  Gina seconds.


Motion carries.  Tim & Karen abstain.


Tim wants to make sure that Reuben is aware of the small grant situation. The secretary will make a note that we adhere to existing policy.


Heather says she will write an article about the sign and it is what we agreed to.


Meeting adjourned at 8:54.

SE Community Kitchen Tool Library in the Works

Sunnyside is a neighborhood with friendly folks who feel comfortable lending a cup of sugar to their neighbors. But what if there was a place where people could borrow a food dehydrator or cider press?

Everyone deserves access to kitchen tools for food processing, preserving, and serving. With that in mind, community members are developing the Southeast Community Kitchen Tool Library, a place where anyone can borrow from an extensive collection of kitchen appliances and tools. We hope to offer pressure cookers, canners, knife sharpeners, bread machines, popcorn makers, grain mills—even place settings and ravioli crimpers! The goal is to provide a wide variety of handy items that are infrequently needed and often prohibitively expensive.

We also envision the Community Kitchen Tool Library being a place where neighborly connections can be fostered through a shared love of food. The library might even grow into a community-supported kitchen where we can share our culinary skills, nourish our bodies with healthy local food, and collaborate on difficult or intensive projects.

We are inspired by other successful lending libraries, such as the Southeast Portland Tool Library and North Portland Preserve and Serve Library, and believe that together we will make this a reality. By making expensive equipment freely available to all, and by sharing our collective skills and knowledge about food preservation and preparation, the future Southeast Community Kitchen Tool Library will make our community a more equitable and sustainable place to live.

This is a community-directed initiative and we need your input, creative energy, and kitchen items. Please contact Kim Hack for more information ( or 971-285-7372). Join us on November 7 for a planning meeting at 1221 SE 35th Avenue between Salmon and Main streets. Thank you!



SNA Board & General Meeting Minutes


Board members in Attendance: Reuben Deumling, Gina Binole, Bill Stites, Tim Brooks, Tony Jordan, Josh Palmer, Heather Wilson

Excused absences: Karen Hery, Paul Loney

Neighbors and Guests: Valerie Strickland, David McGarry

Reuben: Calls meeting to order at 7:04

1)      PDOT canceled, will come back in the fall, but Reuben briefed the leaf program. As he understands it, within our neighborhood there are only a few blocks in the program, one block in from Stark. It is an opt-out program, so unless you do this, you are in and pay fees.


2)      Tim motions to approve agenda, Heather seconds, agenda approved


3)      Crime Prevention Report– David McGarry with E. Precinct says the neighborhood is unique because of the boundaries. He has been a district officer for just a month or so.  He noted that ever since SE Precinct closed, they do rotate people to attend SNA meetings and to patrol the neighborhood in general.  But David reports that crime is slow. The biggest concerns have been the bars on Hawthorne. Transients on the Eastside of 39th have been quiet as well.



4)      Belmont Street Fair Volunteers – Tim announces new fair hours will be from noon to 8, also shares new lineup of 6 bands because of the expanded hours. On the Main Stage expanded kids’ activity area, bouncy houses, slides, mini-golf.

Also new, which we’ve discussed, is artist alley on 34th, which has been slow to fill up, but they get a half-price booth if they are interested.

Katie from Hall of Records (Belmont St. Fair co-chair) and Tim have been meeting every week. Tim asks for help circulating posters.


Anyone interested in volunteering needs to contact board member Josh. There is a need for volunteers. Josh is hoping for a lot of interest within the last month for this.


5)      Non-conforming sewer updates – In response to neighborhood concerns, Reuben reports Commissioner Saltzman has put out a flyer explaining the issue that shows private sewer lines, the city’s main line and the city’s lateral line.

$64,000 is wanted from just Reuben’s block alone.

BES, Saltzman have stopped the program and admit that it should be done better.

At this point, people are being billed for the public portion between $6,000 and $18,000. Reuben says more will be said on this issue.


6)      Committee Reports:

Sustainaibilty – nothing to report


LUTC – Tony reports discussion of the Portland Plan, Comprehensive Plan is moving forward, City officials coming along in the fall, they would like to review neighborhood plans. There is nothing they can do right now.


Walgreen’s is doing what it wants to do on its private property.

If they were applying for an encroachment into the setback, neighbors would oppose it.

SNA encourages neighbors to work for creative solutions with government officials.

Tony is going to start posting a LUTC agenda online to ensure public participation in LUTC

Discussed potential to talk about GNAs, saturation and the nature of Belmont Biz in the future.


SEUL – nothing to report


Treasurer’s Report – Balance is about $7,000. Josh says everything is good.


Announcements – Back to School Exchange fliers distributed


This Friday at Sewallcrest Park in Richmond is the Japanese monster film with the orchestra performing and doing all the sound.


The Old Waverly School in Richmond is interested in purchasing it, developing it and tearing down that building. Maybe seeing if the building could be saved and repurposed.

Building is on Woodward, a few blocks off of Clinton.


7)      Bill motions, Gina seconds, motion carries to approve July minutes, Tim abstains

8)      Tony motions, Josh seconds, motion carries, Heather abstains minutes from June


Meeting adjourned at 7:44 P.M.


Board members in Attendance: Reuben Deumling, Gina Binole, Bill Stites, Tim Brooks, Tony Jordan, Josh Palmer, Heather Wilson

Excused absences: Karen Hery, Paul Loney

Reuben: Calls meeting to order at 7:50

1)      Belmont Street Fair Agreement – Tim feels the street fair could definitely raise some funds for the SNA.


There was discussion of BABA’s emphasis that the agreement cover the 50/50 sharing of any profits or losses from the fair, but concerns were raised that BABA continues to fall short of its commitment to share responsibilities for the work that is needed. Board members noted that the lion’s share of the tasks that are not being completed by Tim and Katie and paid contractor TSG are being done by SNA board members and volunteers.


Bill moves to support the draft agreement Tim has brought forth this evening, Tony seconded.

Heather amends the motion to reflect that enables Tim has the leeway to make minor adjustments as necessary.
Bill accepts the amendment, Tony seconds it.


Motion passes unanimously


2)      Belmont Street Fair Volunteer Status – Josh, maybe we could approach biz directly. Hey, could we get one volunteer from your biz for this day? Give them shifts, tasks, etc. that they could sign up for.


General discussion on how best to recruit volunteers, give them shifts, specific tasks, etc.


3)      Succession planning – write up descriptions, put things online as much as possible for the treasurer.


Will get to this by fall, some sooner, some later


4)       Need to loop back with George to discuss grant for our neighborhood group for the unemployed


5)      SNA agreed to write a letter of friends in support of community gardens – Gina will write the letter



6)      Update on Walgreen’s letter, which is still in the works as we await Walgreen’s latest proposal.


7)       Heather asks for a Blair Community Garden update on signage updates. Tim says we are looking for an artist who would design and make such a sign.

Discussion begins whether SNA should vote to decide whether to seek bids, match Dane’s $1,000 pledge (or contribute some amount) for the SNA sign at Blair Community Garden


Heather will measure the dimensions, take pictures put this on the agenda for October.

Send out a call for bids in the next newsletter

Minimum things we need on there, put all of that together, and we can vote on. Take a picture of one at HAND, TABOR, etc. so we can decide what we like, not like, etc.


Meeting adjourned 8:40.