SNA EP NET Meeting Notes – Aug 18 2015

Notes from SNA EP NET Committee meeting 8/18/15, 10-11am at Hawthorne Hostel

SNA EP report from Jan Molinaro, with help from other attendees

Communicating, etc. with other SEUL NAs

Jan, Glenn and Stephanie gave the background history of the SNA EP NET Committee, and nascent plan for the future.

A question was raised- by attendee Cathrine Collins (Richmond) -Are there other Neighborhood Associations doing this collaborative work? –Jan’s answer was that we don’t know that yet, and are seeking other NAs within SEUL to work together.

Jan reported that she is in contact with the Sellwood Moreland Improvement League via Gail Hoffneggle. They are too busy now to work with SNA, but want to stay in touch.

Their current work is outreach to 50 blocks, block by block-with $396 Small Neighborhood Grant from SEUL

Jan also reported that she is in contact with the Eastmoreland NA EP Committee via Jessica Ennis.This committee just completed an Eastmoreland Emergency Preparedness Series. Jessica will come to our SEPT 15th meeting–not sure if they are received financial support from SEUL or from their NA

Jan will try to make contact with someone from the Richmond NA who conducted a series of EP workshops in 2013, with a $2,000 Small Neighborhood Grant from SEUL. Cathrine Collins might be a good person to ask.

Jan will follow through with Lee Greer, Stephanie Matthews, Lee Lancaster, Ann Kopel about a  May 8, 2013 SNA EP Committee and the SNA NET workshop  presented a “Together we Prepare “workshop from 7-8:30pm. What was subsequent follow-up?

Jan talked about possible training sessions for SEUL NET and EP and other interested people about how to collaborate. Katy Asher said that SEUL might be able to facilitate that training.

Jan volunteered to develop an agenda for this training with support from Katy Asher @ SEUL.

Maybe in spring 2016?

Jan also talked about a possible workshop that could be created and presented by the SNA EP NET Committee if the office of neighborhood involvement (ONI) has a 2016 Community Summit. Jan will follow through with this.

There will be an ongoing discussion with the appropriate time to  follow-up with the Hawthorne Boulevard Business Association and Belmont Ave Business Associations around their EP plans for their businesses and for the neighborhoods that support them.–Jan and Stephanie and Glenn to follow through

Advertising SNA EP NET Committee meetings

Our Sep 15, 2015 meeting is already on the SEUL Community calendar and Jan posted an invite on NextDoor Sunnyside.

Jan has emailed  the Sunnyside Neighborhood News to post the Sep 15, 2015 meeting on their Meeting Schedule. Jan will also wrote  a short article summarizing the AUG 18 meeting.

Glenn will post a summary of our AUG 18 meeting on our new page on the SNA website:
( and invite people to our next meeting.

Miscellaneous remarks from the meeting

Katy Asher talked about a NA meeting that showed the PBEM videos during an evening meeting, complete with popcorn. [Online these videos appear to be available only to registered NET applicants. ]

Richmond and Sunnyside NET will collaborate to staff a booth at Southeast Sunday Parkways Aug 23 2015. SNA will provide the table.
Stephanie suggested that maybe the Avalon Theatre could show these videos during the Belmont Street Fair on Sep 12, 2015…who will follow through with this?

Katy also emphasized that a good way to get greater involvement/attendance at committee meetings is to have fun activities/possible childcare.

Katy also said that each NA can receive a free map once a year from the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability…so which map would we request? Glenn will follow through with this once we decide which map we want, subject to SNA approval.

Cathrine Collins from Richmond volunteered to try and get lots of copies of the Family Emergency Supplies Calendar from Multnomah County Emergency Management. This one page handout is perfect for the Belmont Street Fair.

Jan gave Cathrine a copy of the Pet Disaster Preparedness Plan, also from Multnomah County Emergency Management…Cathrine will see if she can get copies of this handout for the Belmont Street Fair.

Cathrine also suggested to outreach to PTA to talk about EP NET. She is involved in the EP Club @ Grant (not sure if this is the school). She has also reached out the the Rotary Club.

There was a discussion about Judy Masterson, a NET leader from St John’s who conducts dynamic NET trainings and attracts many NET people from around the area.

A suggestion was made to piggyback on those trainings and use for  greater involvement from SEUL NET- Glenn will follow through with this.

Suggestion from Jan about outreach to those waiting for NET training….about 1000 about EP involvement. Glenn and Stephanie will receive contact info from PBEM / Jeremy and invite recruits to SNA EP meetings.

@ Hawthorne Street Fair, nearly 60 people signed up for NET training ….Jan emailed Phil Barber to ask him to share that sign-up list with Glenn. Ways to retain volunteers were discussed: provide bite-sized info, plan a variety of FUN events (as opposed to dry meetings), useful trainings to keep skills sharp, ICS exercise (incident command system), movies, a food budget & childcare if possible.

What is the best question to ask those who stop by the booth @ the Belmont Street Fair….

What was the question that Phil asked when people stopped by the NET table at the Hawthorne Street Fair?

Cathrine talked about asking families to consider the first 3 hours after an emergency has happened….that means different things to different families.

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SNA EP NET Committee Agenda – Aug 18 2015

Tuesday, August 18 from 10-11am at the Hawthorne Hostel, 3031 SE Hawthorne Blvd

  • 10:00 – 10:05
    Brief update on the new, closer collaboration of Sunnyside NET and the Sunnyside Neighborhood Association Emergency Preparedness Committee. New page on SNA website ( )
  • 10:05 – 10:25
    Jan Molinaro to provide update about SNA EP activities
  • 10:25 – 10:35
    Street Fairs

    • ‘after action report’ about Hawthorne (Sun Aug 16)
    • final planning for Belmont (Sat Sep 12), assignment of tasks
  • 10:35 – 10:45
    Discuss ways to motivate and retain NET volunteers
  • 10:45 – 11:00
    Plan several NET exercise / training schedule so that we can promote these activities in advance
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Agenda for August 13 meeting!

Here is the August, 13 2015 Agenda!

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July 9th 2015 Meeting Agenda

Hello Neighbors!

Here is a revised agenda for July 2015 meeting  Note that the meeting will begin at 7:30PM, rather than 7:00PM.  The Land Use and Transportation Committee will meet prior to this meeting, in the same room (Fireside) from 6:30-7:25.

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Meetings In June

NOTE: Agenda revised 4:30PM on June 11. Revised June 2015 Agenda

Here is the proposed agenda for the June 2015 general and board meeting.

The SNA Board Elect will attend a planning meeting at the TaborSpace Library Room (5441 SE Belmont) on June 10, 2015 at 7pm.  This meeting is open to the public, but is a planning meeting and will not have public comment or participation.

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Board Election Results

Hello Neighbors,

We had a great meeting last night.  Thank you to the Community Alliance of Tenants for their time and presentation.

Thank you to all the neighbors who attended, listened to candidates, and voted.  I hope we can continue to hear from you in the coming year.

Thank you to all the candidates for being brave and speaking in front of the crowd and caring about your community.

Thank you to our SEUL Staff who supported us in the logistics and planning.

Finally, thank you to out outgoing board member, Elena Heller for your service.

Your SNA Board of Directors for 2015-16 (* denotes those elected last night):

Jeff Cole, Reuben Deumling, Nola Gray*, Lee Greer, Lorraine Henriques, Tony Jordan*, Josh Palmer*, Dan Rutzick*

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May Land Use & Transportation Committee Meeting

Calling all Sunnyside homeowners, renters, business owners – come get involved in the design of new buildings along Hawthorne and Belmont by participating in the Monday May 11th meeting from 7:30-9:30pm in the Southeast Uplift Building (3534 SE Main St).

Advocacy at the neighborhood level and directly at City meetings can be focused on neighborhood notification for proposed development and design standards that push for building façade surfaces with depth and other architectural features to avoid “box-like” buildings occupying almost an entire site.

Monday’s meeting agenda includes:

I) Design of 42nd & Belmont Project

II) Design of Belmont & Cesar Chavez Intersection

III) Division Design Initiative

Hope to see you there!

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