July 9th 2015 Meeting Agenda

Hello Neighbors!

Here is a revised agenda for July 2015 meeting  Note that the meeting will begin at 7:30PM, rather than 7:00PM.  The Land Use and Transportation Committee will meet prior to this meeting, in the same room (Fireside) from 6:30-7:25.

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Meetings In June

NOTE: Agenda revised 4:30PM on June 11. Revised June 2015 Agenda

Here is the proposed agenda for the June 2015 general and board meeting.

The SNA Board Elect will attend a planning meeting at the TaborSpace Library Room (5441 SE Belmont) on June 10, 2015 at 7pm.  This meeting is open to the public, but is a planning meeting and will not have public comment or participation.

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Board Election Results

Hello Neighbors,

We had a great meeting last night.  Thank you to the Community Alliance of Tenants for their time and presentation.

Thank you to all the neighbors who attended, listened to candidates, and voted.  I hope we can continue to hear from you in the coming year.

Thank you to all the candidates for being brave and speaking in front of the crowd and caring about your community.

Thank you to our SEUL Staff who supported us in the logistics and planning.

Finally, thank you to out outgoing board member, Elena Heller for your service.

Your SNA Board of Directors for 2015-16 (* denotes those elected last night):

Jeff Cole, Reuben Deumling, Nola Gray*, Lee Greer, Lorraine Henriques, Tony Jordan*, Josh Palmer*, Dan Rutzick*

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May Land Use & Transportation Committee Meeting

Calling all Sunnyside homeowners, renters, business owners – come get involved in the design of new buildings along Hawthorne and Belmont by participating in the Monday May 11th meeting from 7:30-9:30pm in the Southeast Uplift Building (3534 SE Main St).

Advocacy at the neighborhood level and directly at City meetings can be focused on neighborhood notification for proposed development and design standards that push for building façade surfaces with depth and other architectural features to avoid “box-like” buildings occupying almost an entire site.

Monday’s meeting agenda includes:

I) Design of 42nd & Belmont Project

II) Design of Belmont & Cesar Chavez Intersection

III) Division Design Initiative

Hope to see you there!

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May 2015 Meeting Agenda

SNA Meeting and Board Elections

May 14th 7-9PM
SE Uplift –  3534 SE Main St

Our May meeting will feature a presentation by the Community Alliance of Tenants who will answer questions about their organization and present the comic book, Know Your Rights: Don’t Get Evicted which they recently published with Know Your City.  SNA has purchased 5 copies which will be given away by raffle to renters in attendance.

Please help us spread the word to people who rent in Sunnyside.  Renters make up 63% of our neighborhood and are historically underrepresented in Portland’s neighborhood association.  Print and distribute our Renter Outreach Flyer in your apartment building or complex.

Also provided is a detailed agenda.

If you have questions or would like to declare your candidacy for the board, email board (at) sunnysideneighborhood.com

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Sunnyside Newsletter for May 2015

Hello Neighbors!

The newsletter should be making its way to your doorstep in the next week or so (thank you as always to the delivery folks).  Here’s the PDF version. SNA May 2015 Newsletter

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Draft Meeting Minutes from April 12, 2015

Draft Minutes from April 12, 2015

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