Board Elections

General Information

Every year in May the Sunnyside Neighborhood Association holds its annual general membership meeting.  This meeting is a little different than the average meeting because neighbors vote for the SNA board of directors.   This year, the board election will be held on May 11th 2017, starting around 7:00PM at the Sunnyside Community House (3520 SE Yamhill St) in the Social Room on the first floor.

Any member of the Sunnyside Neighborhood Association can run for a board position and vote for board members.  A “member” for this purpose is anyone 18+ in age who is either a legal resident of Sunnyside, owners of real property in Sunnyside, or one designated representative of a business, school, non-profit, or church in Sunnyside.  Eligibility for membership is established by presentment of a drivers license or state issued ID, voter registration, or utility or tax bill which can establish residency.  Representatives of organizations in Sunnyside may present a letter of designation as representative.

Each year we elect four or five board members to two year terms.  This year (2017) we will elect four positions.  Board members are expected to stay informed of board businesses and attend the monthly SNA meetings.  Additional duties vary but include chairing various committees (eg: Land Use and Transportation, Crime Prevention and Livability, Emergency Preparedness), coordinating or volunteering at neighborhood events (eg: Belmont Street Fair, Neighborhood Cleanup, Sunflower Painting), and assisting in the production and distribution of the neighborhood newsletter.  Board members can expect to spend 8-10 hours a month, outside of meetings, on neighborhood activities.

Serving on the neighborhood association board can be rewarding and very educational. You will be among the first to know when things are changing in the neighborhood.  You may become an expert in zoning and landscaping laws (which can be quite useful when purchasing a home).  While it can be frustrating at times, generally you will receive thanks and appreciation from your neighbors for your service.

To run for the board, you simply need to show up on May 11th and self-nominate yourself.  If you would like to post a personal statement and bio on this site (or just indicate your intention) email board (at)  To vote, you must show up in person at the meeting on May 11th with one of the documents listed above.

Candidates and statements, if provided (in alphabetical order)

Maggie McGann

Courtney McHill

Reverend Courtney McHill is joining the Sunnyside community as a pastor to the area on July 1. For the past two years she has been serving at Rose City Park UMC. Courtney grew up in the valley in Lebanon, OR. Her parents still live in Lebanon, although her dad is a circuit court judge in Albany, and her mom teaches Spanish in Sweet Home.  She has three younger brothers, three fabulous sisters-in-law, and a perfect niece and nephew who live in the Portland area. She went to Willamette University in Salem,  then took off to seminary in Chicago. She attended Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary, a United Methodist seminary attached to Northwestern.  Throughout her ministry over the past 10 years she has been passionate about working with the houseless in our communities. Currently she is on the Board of Do Good Multnomah, an organization that houses male identified veterans and Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon which allows her to work towards more equality in Oregon in a variety of ways. She is eager to find out more about the Sunnyside community and how she can better serve the community.

Steve Panos

My family and I are currently Sunnyside residents with a daughter in Sunnyside Elementary.  After many years of living in the community and seeing it evolve; I’m excited by the opportunity to offer my time and experience to help navigate this current stage of its development.
I am a graduate of Portland State University with a a degree in Economics.  I have been working in the food and beverage manufacturing industries for the past 15 years in production, managerial and director roles.  My background has instilled in me an analytical approach to projects and the ability to consider a variety of seemingly non-congruent data points as part of the decision-making process.  I appreciate any consideration given me for this position.

Eric Solorzano

Hi, my name is Eric Solorzano. I practice architecture as a designer with a firm in Old Town, and have a Master’s degree in Urban and Community Design from Texas Tech University. Growing up in many different cities, I found interest in why some cities thrived, felt more alive, and why the community benefited from what the city provided. I also found it curious in why some cities are unwelcoming, and are lacking necessities for the community. Further, while studying the urban environment in school, I gained more passion on understand that design and the ecology of communities have a long-lasting impact on not just the city, but what makes the city, which are the people it attracts. I bring to the board a unique cultural perspective that is often times marginalized and underrepresented in Portland, but most importantly, I have a sincere interest in my community evolving and continuing to grow in a responsible, sustainable manner.