Emergency Preparedness

 2017 meetings:

Tue, Jul 11, 10-11:30a
Wed, Aug 9, 7-8:30p
Tue, Sep 12, 10-11:30a
Wed, Oct 11, 7-8:30p
Tue, Nov 14, 10-11:30a
Dec [none]

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Sunnyside Prepared

A committee of the Sunnyside Neighborhood Association

Our Guiding Statement

Sunnyside Prepared helps residents educate each other about preparing their families and neighbors to care for themselves after a disaster, ranging from power outages to a major earthquake. To that end, the committee collaborates closely with the Sunnyside NET (Neighborhood Emergency Team), whose members have been trained and vetted by PBEM (Portland Bureau of Emergency Management).

Our collective goal is to help each other help ourselves, because history has proven repeatedly that in a crisis our neighbors are our most important “first responders.” All Sunnyside residents are welcome to participate in whatever capacity they are able and willing.

Get Involved

  1. Join our email list.
  2. Come to one of our monthly meetings!
  3. Fred Meyer wants to give us their money!If you have a Fred Meyer Rewards card, please link your account to Sunnyside NET. They give us money, and it costs you nothing. Win/win. Hit this link, scroll down to Community Rewards, and search for organization # 88309 (our account via Friends of Portland Fire & Rescue).
  4. Volunteer! We need help with:
    1. Fund raising
    2. Social media
    3. HAM radio operation
    4. Business outreach


Glenn C. Devitt, 503.345.4321, glenn@sunnysideprepared.com

Committee Co-chairs

Jan S. Molinaro, also a Sunnyside NET Assistant Team Leader.
Glenn C. Devitt, also the Sunnyside NET Team Leader, co-founder of Friends of Portland NET, and board member of Friends of Portland Fire & Rescue.


3 Responses to Emergency Preparedness

  1. jansmolinaro says:

    Great notes with lots of detail. Thanks for posting, Glenn.
    Please read , everyone, and add to the community conversation.

  2. Eric Hollstein says:

    Thank you Glenn Jan and Stephanie for your commitment to our community. I look forward to seeing you again at another meeting and hope to get NET and/or CERT training soon.

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